Guide to cruising by CLIA UK

guide-to-cruisingIf you are new to cruising, you may find checking out the CLIA ‘Guide to Cruising’ a great place to start!

The guide is there to help you discover everything a cruise holiday has to offer.

This guide is a great place to learn about the variety, value and diversity cruising can offer, no matter what type of holiday you’re looking for. And, once you’ve got a better idea of what type of cruise may be right for you, you can start finding out about the huge range of food, entertainment and accommodation to be found on a cruise holiday.

About CLIA

CLIA UK & Ireland is a member of Cruise Lines International Association(CLIA), the world’s largest cruise industry trade association with representation in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

CLIA is engaged in travel agent training, research and marketing communications to promote the value and desirability of cruise holidays with thousands of travel agency and travel agent members.

CLIA’s Associate Member and Executive Partner programmes include the industry’s leading providers of supplies and services that help cruise lines provide a safe, environmentally-friendly and enjoyable holiday experience for millions of passengers every year.

Guide to cruising by CLIA UK