W1720 Fred Olsen Black Watch 31 Oct 2017 Mystery Cruise Harwich

31 October 2017 | 10 Nights

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines | Black Watch | W1720
Captain’s Mystery Cruise
Itinerary: Harwich – ‘Mystery Cruise’ – Harwich

Note: This is designated a child free cruise.


Place your trust in the Captain as he takes you on a wonderful 10 nights journey of his own choosing on board the smaller-sized Black Watch.

The itinerary will be a complete mystery throughout, with the captain keeping you guessing until you arrive in each destination. Will you finally discover a destination you’ve always wanted to visit; or will you visit an undiscovered gem you’ve never heard of?

There’s a chance you might visit one of your old favourites too, a destination you know and love.

Sample Prices:

Inside: £999pp | Outside: £1149pp | Balcony: £1599pp | Suite: £1699pp | Single: £1599pp
(Prices are for guide only and subject to change without notice).



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W1720 Fred Olsen Black Watch 31 Oct 2017 Mystery Cruise Harwich
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